Dictatorship USA – A Plundering and Predatory Nation

A. The plunder of the American people (2)

Unemployment “insurance”

But the United States has unemployment insurance, the apologists of US imperialism assure their widespread audiences. In fact, they claim that an unemployed worker in America supposedly gets paid benefits greater than the salaries of employed Russian workers!

Just 23.1 percent of unemployed workers received state unemployment benefits at the end of 2014, according to a new analysis by the Economic Policy Institute… to qualify for benefits, unemployed people must have been laid off through no fault of their own from jobs they had held for a significant period of time. Among those who aren’t eligible are workers who were fired for misconduct, people who quit their jobs, new college graduates looking for work, and people unemployed for a long time” (“A Lot Fewer Americans Get Unemployment Benefits Than You Think», The Huffington Post, Mar 13, 2015).

And there are other important restrictions: “In New York state, you must have earned at least $1,600 in one of the quarters in order to collect unemployment. Some states also have minimum hours requirements. For example, in Washington state, you must have worked at least 680 hours in your base year before you can collect unemployment.” (Houston Chronicle, 2016)

As of December 2014, only 2.4 million Americans were claiming unemployment benefits ” (The Huffington Post, Mar 13, 2015)

The “23.1 percent of unemployed workers receiving state unemployment benefits” is deliberately misleading. Compare the 2.4 million workers claiming unemployment benefits with the 93 million Americans who “remain out of the labor force” !!

How much is unemployment insurance? How long does it last?

All states also set an upper limit on the total weekly benefit amount. A common formula is to pay half of what the employee used to earn, up to a cap that’s tied to the average earnings in that state… Unemployment benefits are taxable… Most states offer unemployment benefits for up to 26 weeks, or half a year, although a handful of states now offer benefits for fewer weeks… Extended benefits provide 13 to 20 weeks of additional unemployment compensation to former employees who have exhausted their available state benefits» (Nolo, 2016).

To summarize, around 97% of Americans “out of the labor force” receive NO unemployment insurance. And for the “lucky” 2.5% – 3% TEMPORARILY receiving benefits – can they live on it?

So, how do tens of millions of unemployed Americans even survive?



Правительство США жестоко нарушало мои права человека при проведении кампании террора, которая заставила меня покинуть свою родину и получить политическое убежище в СССР. См. книгу «Безмолвный террор — История политических гонений на семью в США» — «Silent Terror: One family’s history of political persecution in the United States» — http://arnoldlockshin.wordpress.com

Правительство США еще нарушает мои права, в течении более 12 лет отказывается от выплаты причитающейся мне пенсии по старости. Властители США воруют пенсию!! Всё это — ещё доказательство, что настоящий действующий закон в США — Закон джунглей.

ФСБ — Федеральная служба «безопасности» России — вслед за позорным, предавшим страну предшественником КГБ, выполняет приказы секретного, кровавого хозяина (boss) — американского ЦРУ (CIA). Среди таких «задач» — мне запретить выступать в СМИ и не пропускать большинства отправленных мне комментариев. А это далеко не всё…

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