Donald Trump seeks to delay trial until after inauguration

USA Today, Nov 10, 2016

SAN DIEGO – President-elect Donald Trump wants to delay a federal fraud trial he faces here Nov. 28 until after his inauguration in January, his attorney told a judge on Thursday, two days after Trump was elected president.


Petrocelli also questioned whether Trump actually would be available to testify in court as a sitting president. He said never has there been a case in the history of the United States in which a president had to come into court to testify in a trial as a defendant. Trump might testify by video instead.


«His obligations right now are just monumental,» Petrocelli told U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel. Curiel said he understood and said it would be wise for the two sides to settle the case, a class-action fraud lawsuit involving Trump and his now-defunct Trump University.


The lawsuit was filed in 2010 on behalf of former Trump University customers, who alleged that Trump University failed on its promise to teach success in real estate. They claim they were ripped off and lost tens of thousands of dollars after being misled about it.


Curiel didn’t say how he would rule but said he expects the case to last into mid-December if it starts as scheduled. An attorney for the plaintiffs, Jason Forge, told USA TODAY after the hearing that he didn’t think the request for a delay got any traction with Curiel.


«It’s hard to say a sitting president is less busy or more expendable than a president-elect,» Forge said.


Earlier in the day, Curiel tentatively denied a request to ban statements made by and about Trump during his campaign from being used as evidence, including his tweets and speeches.


Not only was the defendant just elected the nation’s 45th president, but the judge is Curiel, whose fairness in the case previously was questioned by Trump because of his Mexican heritage. Trump previously called him “a hater” and described his actions  as “a total disgrace.”



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