Hillary Clinton is irreparably damaged, even if she wins

MarketWatch, Nov. 1, 2016

We don’t know whether the reopening of the FBI probe of Hillary Clinton’s emails will cost her the election.

It may be that she will still emerge the winner after next Tuesday’s vote, or that Donald Trump’s momentum from the Wikileaks emails, Obamacare’s failures, and Clinton’s flawed candidacy were going to carry him to victory in any case.

What we do know is that whoever wins, we are in for a fiasco in politics that will make even this fiasco of a campaign pale by comparison.

There is hardly any scenario that is too far-fetched. Even if the polls are right and Clinton’s lead translates into an electoral victory, she will be so damaged going into office that her chances of getting anything done will be virtually nil.


In this sense alone, Trump’s claim that this scandal is “worse than Watergate” could prove to be true. As an incumbent, Richard Nixon at least had an administration in place when he won re-election in 1972, though it took nearly another two years before he was forced to resign under threat of impeachment.


Donald Trump is gaining ground on Hillary Clinton after new revelations about the FBI’s investigation of the Democratic candidate’s private email server have come to light.


Clinton is likely to be stymied from the start, especially if the ongoing investigations into her email practices and the Clinton Foundation lead to further damaging disclosures.


For one thing, we now have the precedence of Watergate, and Republicans, who are sure to retain the House and now probably the Senate, will not let go. What is already known has many Republicans convinced that Clinton is guilty at the very least of mishandling classified documents and perhaps obstruction of justice.


The real conundrum in all this concerns Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Lynch fatally compromised her position by meeting with former President Bill Clinton just days before the original investigation was closed without a grand jury ever considering the evidence. And now her failure to block Comey’s disclosure — while leaking that she wanted to — is another lapse. Other reports indicate that she attempted to quash the investigation into the Clinton Foundation.


It is hard to see how she can remain in office even if Clinton wins and wants to keep her. Her resignation — or even impeachment — seems inevitable with Republicans out for blood.


The damage done to the whole Clinton entourage through the machinations exposed in the Wikileaks emails means that many of them — Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, John Podesta, Neera Tanden — will be virtually untenable in any position of responsibility in a new Clinton administration.


And this is the best-case scenario for Clinton. We all know what the worst-case scenario is.


And what will happen if Trump gets his mandate to drain the swamp? Will lame-duck President Obama have the guts to pardon Clinton prospectively and see the remains of his tattered legacy dissolve into history?


And when Trump takes office, will he keep to his ambitious 100-day agenda of yanking trade agreements, canceling executive orders, starting deportations of undocumented immigrants who commit crimes, and restricting immigration from terror-prone countries?


It will be a fiasco of epic proportions.


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