War In Europe

War In Europe: Lithuania Prepares For Russian Invasion As NATO Sends Troops To Eastern European States

IBT, Oct 29, 2016

More than two years after Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine, Lithuania is warning its citizens of a possible similar fate in the former Soviet Union republic. Lithuanian government officials have published tens of thousands of copies of a 75-page guide on how to survive a Russian invasion, BBC News reported Saturday.

The civil defense booklet stresses that Russia is capable of using military force against its neighbors to get its way and warns civilians to call a government hotline to report anyone suspected of being a spy. It also informs Lithuanians on how to spot Russian tanks and mines.  «Every Lithuanian citizen can become a target,» said Darius Jauniskis, head of the state security department.


Conflict between Lithuania and Russia, which share a small border, would have global consequences. Lithuania has been a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization since 2004. With growing tensions between Russia and the West in recent years, NATO has announced it will send troops and equipment to defend the Baltic states of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia in the biggest military build-up since the Cold War.


«NATO depends totally on American leadership and American willingness to come to the aid of allies unconditionally,» Richard Shirreff, NATO’s former deputy supreme allied commander Europe, one of the highest-ranking positions in the military alliance, recently told The Atlantic. 


Germany alone plans to send up to 600 troops and tanks to Lithuania next year. Germany also warned residents in an August advisory to stockpile food and water in case of a national emergency. For its part, Lithuania announced last year it would restart military conscription for men aged 19-26.


Russia has also taken precautions. Most recently, it held civil defense drills involving 40 million people to prepare for chemical and biological attacks. And in Moscow, officials reportedly have created a plan to shelter the city’s 12 million residents in case of catastrophe.


Правительство США жестоко нарушило мои права человека при проведении кампании террора, которая заставила меня покинуть свою родину и получить политическое убежище в СССР. См. книгу «Безмолвный террор — История политических гонений на семью в США» — «Silent Terror: One family’s history of political persecution in the United States» — http://arnoldlockshin.wordpress.com


Правительство США еще нарушает мои права, в течении более 12 лет отказывается от выплаты причитающейся мне пенсии по старости. Властители США воруют пенсию!! Всё это — ещё доказательство, что настоящий действующий закон в США — Закон джунглей.

ФСБ — Федеральная служба «безопасности» России — вслед за позорным, предавшим страну предшественником КГБ, выполняет приказы секретного, кровавого хозяина (boss) — американского ЦРУ (CIA). Среди таких «задач» — мне запретить выступать в СМИ и не пропускать большинства отправленных мне комментариев. А это далеко не всё…

Арнольд Локшин, политэмигрант из США


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