To ‘The Point Of War’

World War 3 Inevitable: Turkey Warns Syrian Conflict Will Bring Russia, U.S. To ‘The Point Of War’


Inquisitr, Oct 26, 2916

The Syrian civil war, where two of the world’s largest military powers — Russia and the United States — are supporting opposite sides of the conflict, is now being seen by Turkey as the inevitable theater of the beginning of World War 3. That is, if the two nations cannot somehow come to terms and resolve the situation that has now been raging in Syria for five years.


According to Turkey’s deputy prime minister, Numan Kurtulmus, there is little doubt that World War 3 will erupt between Russia and the United States over the Syrian war if that conflict cannot somehow be resolved.


To make matters worse, the U.S. also accused the Russians of the massive computer hack that has disrupted the Democratic Party during the 2016 presidential campaign. That was quickly followed by accusations that Syrians and Russians had committed war crimes in the fighting against Syrian rebels, the contingent supported by Turkey and the U.S.


He observed that the Syrian civil war had placed the world “on the brink of the beginning of a large regional or global war.” His words echo those of diplomatic and military experts around the world.


Turkey is aligned with the U.S. in the fight against ISIS and against the al-Assad regime in Syria.


Although tensions have been high for some time, they’ve recently spiked around the attacks against Aleppo, which Syria — and, by extension, Russia — sees as a haven and launching area for Syrian rebels. The U.S. and its allies claim that Syria and Russia are needlessly attacking civilian targets, including refugees that have fled the war in other parts of Syria. Back in September, the Russians were accused of bombing a humanitarian convoy, which Russia immediately charged was a cover for hostile elements.


Syria and Russia maintain that all their targets are hostile, claiming that rebels or terrorists (the terms have become interchangeable from the Syrian government’s standpoint, as all anti-Assad factions are considered “terrorists,” although there has been some effort on Russia’s part to strike against ISIS targets) are legitimate targets and that the civilian casualties incurred have been an unfortunate byproduct of the missions.


Prior to the Russian bombing of the convoy, a U.S. raid hit a Syrian military installation, killing 62 Syrian Army personnel.


Accusations have been flying that the attacks have all been purposeful and statements made afterwards have been outright subterfuge and/or misdirection, the actions of the attackers falling under the category of plausible deniability.


And with all the saber-rattling going on with NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and Russia in eastern Europe; Russian military threat on the Ukraine border; the economic sanctions connected to that and Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014; Russian inroads in its relations with China, India, and Pakistan; and the increased militarization of Russia within the past decade, is there any doubt why the deputy prime minister feels that World War 3 between the U.S. and Russia is inevitable?

Правительство США жестоко нарушило мои права человека при проведении кампании террора, которая заставила меня покинуть свою родину и получить политическое убежище в СССР. См. книгу «Безмолвный террор — История политических гонений на семью в США» — «Silent Terror: One family’s history of political persecution in the United States» —

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ФСБ — Федеральная служба «безопасности» России — вслед за позорным, предавшим страну предшественником КГБ, выполняет приказы секретного, кровавого хозяина (boss) — американского ЦРУ (CIA). Среди таких «задач» — мне запретить выступать в СМИ и не пропускать большинства отправленных мне комментариев. А это далеко не всё…

Арнольд Локшин, политэмигрант из США

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