Police Facial Recognition Systems

Half of All American Adults Have Pictures in Police Facial Recognition Systems


Law enforcement agencies are looking into ways to expand on that number.

AlterNet, Oct. 19, 2016

If you’re already worried about the growth of the surveillance state, a new study may give you pause. Researchers from Georgetown Law’s Center on Privacy and Technology have found that half of Americans have photos in facial recognition networks used by law enforcement around the country. And many are unaware of the risks this poses to privacy, civil liberties, and civil rights.

The study authors found that more than 117 million adults—overwhelmingly law-abiding citizens of these United States—have pictures in these systems. Amassing such a large number of photos of American adults is a result of interagency collaboration. In addition to mugshot photos taken following arrests, 26 — 30 states allow law enforcement to run or request searches against their databases of driver’s license and ID photos. Big-city police departments—Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles among them—are looking into real-time recognition on live street surveillance cameras, which allow police [to] continuously scan the faces of pedestrians walking by a street surveillance camera.


There are justifiable concerns, rooted in historical precedent, that the latest form of surveillance state technology could be deployed to quell free speech, particularly for activists and others involved in civil rights protests and other actions. With no oversight, few U.S. police departments, including the FBI, have ever been audited to ensure proper database use.


The report points to a few examples of cases where database expansion is “out of control.” Perhaps unsurprisingly, Arizona’s notoriously racist, anti-immigrant, civil rights-violating Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s department came up.


No state has passed a law comprehensively regulating police face recognition. The Maricopa County Sheriff [Arpaio]’s Office enrolled all of Honduras’ driver’s licenses and mug shots into its database. The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office system runs 8,000 monthly searches on the faces of seven million Florida drivers—without requiring that officers have even a reasonable suspicion before running a search.


As with pretty much everything related to criminal justice, black folks will be hardest hit by any flaws in the system. Face recognition may be least accurate for those it is most likely to affect: African Americans.



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Арнольд Локшин, политэмигрант из США


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