Big Lies

Big Lies That Pervade America’s ‘News’ Media, Sept 6, 2016

The Big Lies that pervade the U.S. ‘news’ media are the ones that are essential  in order for the deceived American public to accept the fraudulent basis upon which the U.S. regime of Barack Obama has ‘justified’ his economic sanctions against Russia, and his pouring of U.S. troops and weapons onto and near Russia’s borders:


1: Calling the bloody U.S. coup that overthrew the democratically elected President of Ukraine in February 2014 instead a ‘democratic revolution’ against him, which established ‘democracy in Ukraine,’ instead of established adictatorship and a civil war there.

As even that scholarly source calling it a ‘democratic revolution’ acknowledged, this ‘democratic revolution’ «featured civic self-organization aided by the use of Internet-based social media, neighborhood initiatives, and online news sites,» and this online operation (directed mainly at neo-Nazis in Ukraine) fits precisely the «tech camps» that started inside the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine on 1 March 2013.

This coup (called ’the Maidan revolution’ or «Euromaidan») started being organized inside the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. Euromaidan started in the night of 21 November 2013 when up to 2,000 protesters gathered at Kiev’s Maidan Nezalezhnosti and began to organize themselves with the help of social networks». (Nothing was mentioned there about the U.S. Embassy’s having organized them.)

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and other CIA operations blame the increased misery in Ukraine after the coup, on Ukrainians: «Under attack from within and without, Ukraine cannot build a democratic future without Western support [from Western taxpayers, to fund those weapons-sales]. Both financial and security assistance are critical to the [new fascist Ukrainian] state’s survival.

This coup and its aftermath (ethnic cleansing to get rid of the people in the area of Ukraine that had voted 90 % for the man Obama overthrew) were the most-censored news story of 2014, and the U.S. ‘news’ media still don’t report any of it, because for them to report it truthfully would be for them to acknowledge what they’d been covering-up and lying about ever since the February 2014 coup .

2: Ignoring that the breakaway of Crimea from Ukraine, and that the 90+% vote of Crimeans for Crimea to rejoin Russia (of which Crimea had been a part until it was transferred to Ukraine in 1954), resulted directly from America’s violent overthrow of the Ukrainian President.

On 20 February 2014, at the very height of the bloody U.S. coup that ended democracy in Ukraine, the Obama Administration’s rabidly Russia-hating nazi-inspired thugs beat and brutally killed many Crimeans who were escaping from Kiev after having been peacefully demonstrating there against the U.S.-nazi overthrow-Yanukovych operation. This «Korsun massacre» is ignored in the ‘news’ accounts in America, but it played a key role in terrifying the Crimean population against the coup-installed regime and in motivating them to seek the protection of Russia by voting, on 16 March 2014, for Crimea to rejoin Russia.

3: Lying to say that a majority of Syrians want to replace Bashar al-Assad as Syria’s President, and to say that the Obama regime wants a democratic Syria and that the Russian government does not.

Most Americans still don’t know any of these facts, because the U.S. ‘news’ media refused to report these — and many other important — facts to them. Can such a country even possibly be an authentic democracy?


It’s no different than the lies that were reported as ‘truth’ about ‘Saddam’s WMD’, except that, this time, the lies can produce nuclear war with Russia.


Правительство США жестоко нарушало мои права человека при проведении кампании террора, которая заставила меня покинуть свою родину и получить политическое убежище в СССР. См. книгу «Безмолвный террор — История политических гонений на семью в США» — «Silent Terror: One family’s history of political persecution in the United States» —

Правительство США еще нарушает мои права, в течении более 12 лет отказывается от выплаты причитающейся мне пенсии по старости. Властители США воруют пенсию!! Всё это — ещё доказательство, что настоящий действующий закон в США — Закон джунглей.

ФСБ — Федеральная служба «безопасности» России — вслед за позорным, предавшим страну предшественником КГБ, выполняет приказы секретного, кровавого хозяина (boss) — американского ЦРУ (CIA). Среди таких «задач» — запретить меня выступать в СМИ и не пропускать отправленных мне комментариев. А это далеко не всё…

Арнольд Локшин, политэмигрант из США

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