History of Arnold Lockshin in Russia – Part 6

The “Russian” secret political police and the future of the Russian Federation

The CIA – run secret political police in the USSR and then Russia do not show their hand to the public. The CIA – run KGB constantly touted its firm, unwavering allegiance to the Soviet Union, while all the time it promoted hardened enemies of the USSR, agents of US imperialism to leading positions in the Communist Party and government. Simultaneously, the CIA – run KGB suppressed efforts of honest people to attain positions of influence and power. The result is well known: there no longer is a Soviet Union.

Pardon me for immodesty, but the Arnold Lockshin story also offers an important insight into the operations of the KGB in Soviet times and the FSB in today’s Russia. What happened to Arnold Lockshin – who does not aspire to any power – is an example of how the CIA-KGB-FSB system works. The CIA and the local secret political police are also concerned about my knowledge – obtained through nearly a lifetime of experience and study — of their operations and intentions.

US imperialism is striving with might and main to destroy the Russian Federation, aiming for the prospective dominance of America’s ruling class over a brutally divided country. The “Russian” FSB (ФСБ — Федеральная служба безопасности).implements these policies while putting on the act of being “super-patriots.”

Zbigniew Brzezinski, perhaps the leading ideologist of modern day US imperialism, calls for dividing the Russian Federation into three parts. Cynically, Brzezinski-baby is being too modest; US imperialism aims to divide Russian into something like 33 parts.

The dismemberment of the Soviet Union into many separate countries serves as a template, as did the forced destruction of the former Yugoslavia. The aim: not only to radically divide the target country, but to install in power phony local “nationalists, who are in fact totally subservient to US imperialism. We have a living example of this kind of operation in Ukraine, where ultra-nationalism and fervent hatred of Russia are inculcated to hide the absolute subservience of the pro-fascist Kiev clique to the US.

CIA-KGB and CIA-FSB operations were/are not necessarily complicated. An agent can simply present himself to almost anyone and then order that individual – or groups of individuals — in the name of “national security” to effect whatever actions the CIA-FSB deem necessary: to stop communicating with or having normal relations with the target, to inflict psychological or more serious harm to the target, to sabotage his work, etc. A word from the CIA-KGB or the CIA-FSB was/is almost always more than sufficient. The system is virtually identical to what the FBI does in the United States.

Who would have challenged the KGB? Who would now counteract or even challenge the KGB’s successor, the FSB? Who would take that risk, and for what purpose? Virtually no one even suspected the real nature of the KGB in Soviet times or imagines that the FSB today acts on the orders of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) of the United States of America. Of course, compliance with CIA-KGB or CIA-FSB orders is virtually guaranteed.

A note about the internet. The internet was devised and popularized by the US secret “intelligence agencies.” It has a two-fold purpose:

First, to spy on virtually everyone in the world – to know their thoughts, mood and intentions.
“The NSA (US National Security Agency — AL), intent on exploiting the communications revolution to the full, is developing ever more intrusive programmes in pursuit of its ambition to have surveillance cover of the whole planet:” (Portrait of the NSA: no detail too small in quest for total surveillance The Observer 2.11.2013).

“The National Security Agency emerges as an electronic omnivore of staggering capabilities, eavesdropping and hacking its way around the world to strip governments and other targets of their secrets, all the while enforcing the utmost secrecy about its own operations. It spies routinely on friends as well as foes…

“The agency… has turned the nation’s Internet and telecommunications companies into collection partners…Today, with personal computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones in most homes and government offices in the developed world, hacking has become the agency’s growth area.

«Today’s N.S.A… sucks the contents from fiber-optic cables, sits on telephone switches and Internet hubs, digitally burglarizes laptops and plants bugs on smartphones around the globe.» («No Morsel Too Miniscule for All-Consuming N.S.A.”, The New York Times 2.11.2013).

Secondly, to massively propagandize. The US secret political police can up-load many, many thousands of fake “spontaneous” twitters and e-mails and videos to “create” mass sentiment and a “mass movement” backing a particular effort of US imperialism.

It follows that the US secret political police agencies can manipulate electronic communications at will. The CIA-FSB, for instance, allows me to publish blogs, but they prevent me from commenting on English-language articles and block almost all e-mails sent to me and comments to my material in Russian or English. Thereby effectively preventing me from communicating with interested parties.

As along as I – a target – write blogs, the CIA-FSB obtains a “window” on my thinking.

But, if “necessary,” my access to the internet can be cut off at any time.

Conclusion: if the CIA hold on the “Russian” secret political police is not broken, the Russian Federation has a very bleak future. In fact, no long-term future.

The CIA-KGB did their demolition job; not it is the turn of the CIA-FSB

Arnold Lockshin, political exile from the US living in Moscow

History of Arnold Lockshin in Russia – Part 5


Why are the CIA and its FSB stooges in Russia so interested in stifling a political emigrant from the US and virtually denying him the right to speak out?

In the United States, the FBI, the vicious internal secret political police of the US, forced me to leave my country. My intended fate was to become a mere pawn – and then be killed — in a big-time, extremely dirty “game,” which was part of the campaign to destroy the Soviet Union. The ploy with Arnold Lockshin did not materialize. But counter-revolution in the USSR did – which was far more important. Imperialism, especially US imperialism, won a huge victory.

From the standpoint of the CIA and its “Russian” puppets, my knowledge of the US and its dictatorial political system needs to be quashed. Not surprisingly, I know the language, the culture, what everyday is really like in the US – in contrast to the glorified image transmitted daily on Russian TV. True, I have not been to the States for many years, but I follow events there very closely. Most importantly, I have long studied the wiles, the crass deceptions and brutal “real-politik” of US imperialism. And what is especially threatening to the American grand masters and their willing toadies in Russia: I know how deeply US imperialism has dug its roots in Russia.

As they did in the former Soviet Union.

Moreover, at one time, Arnold Lockshin was well-known in the USSR. “Shut him up! Don’t let his thoughts see the light of day!”

Those are the orders of the CIA, which are dutifully carried out by its puppet secret political police forces in Russia.

In my banned article «America the Beautiful! — Америка — прекрасная! — и ее поклонники,» I wrote the following (in Russian):

“The leaders of the US stubbornly insist on interfering in the internal affairs of Russian society — in the areas of human rights, the environment, ballot-counting, health matters, politics, etc. — that is, to instruct the supposedly hapless, uninformed and backwards Russians how to live – in their own country! That proposition is not stated openly, of course, but there is no other reasonable way to interpret US intrusion in this country. As it turns out, American “charity” does not begin at home, but on foreign soil.

“Daily Russian TV broadcasts many, many American films, shorts and programs. Regardless of the theme, life in the States looks great. The Americans always have money to spend; they live in spacious homes. They drive super cars. The Americans are dressed fashionably. Weddings in the States are resplendent, virtually all Americans dine in expensive restaurants. The unemployed, homeless and hungry are nowhere to be seen. Who worries about money? In the USA, as the fairy tale goes, freedom flourishes, racism is non-existent. There is no hint of brutal US aggression against this or that country. Nothing is said or shown about massive inhuman US super-exploitation of other peoples.

“Occasionally, someone is murdered. But, hey, nothing to get upset about. America can do no wrong.

“The constant showing of these Hollywood “masterpieces” inevitably leads to portraying a grossly one-sided distortion of American reality and to covering up the monstrous crimes of US imperialism.

«What we are facing is subtle, yet powerful propaganda, as these TV programs are presented as great creative art. Many millions of viewers are subjected to a constant, daily din of a glamorized United States, providing fertile ground for “our American partners” to continue and intensify their designs against Russia.

“It would be interesting to know how many Russian films are shown on TV in the States and how many Russian films are quickly translated into English in America and sold in stores around the country…

“At the same time, the US continues to surround Russia with its Anti-ballistic missile “defense. It is totally absurd to claim that this system is directed at protecting, say, Denmark, Romania or Monaco from anticipated rocket attacks by Iran or the Korean Democratic Republic…

“I am that American who obtained political asylum in the Soviet Union in 1986, together with my family. I do not harbor antipathy to the American people or to the United States as a country. I have no such feelings or thoughts. On the contrary, I totally sympathize with the current sufferings of so many millions of Americans.

“What forced me to leave my country was the brutal and threatening actions against me and my family by the US domestic secret political police, the FBI. You better believe it – the FBI exists and works very intensively, usually on the sly but always decisively. I personally experienced the ‘glories’ of American ‘democracy…’

“I am grateful to the people of the Soviet Union and then Russia for giving me the opportunity to live, work and go on pension. While at the same time, I have encountered no little difficulty here.”

The CIA of the United States of American has given the order. Suppress Arnold Lockshin! Do not allow him to give voice to his opinions!

These CIA orders are implemented in Russian by the “Russian” secret political police, the FSB.(ФСБ — Федеральная служба безопасности).

Arnold Lockshin, political exile from the US living in Moscow

History of Arnold Lockshin in Russia – Part 4


Access to the Internet?

I can still write material on the Internet.

Not surprising. The Internet, after all, is an ideal way for the US secret political police and their accomplices in Russia to keep current tabs on a target individual. As Edward Snowden decisively showed, the US secret political police – in this case, the National Security Agency (NSA) – intrudes on and collects Internet and E-mail data from virtually everyone on the planet.

Even so, the secret political police agencies severely restrict my use of the Internet.

Insofar as material in English is concerned, all my commentaries are wiped out. I can no longer publish comments about articles written in English.

In Russia, the secret political police prevent most e-mails from reaching me and block the publication of almost all commentaries to my blogs. In other words, I cannot read these responses and therefore cannot respond to them. For me, communication on the Internet is virtually shut down.

More isolation.

Can it be even worse? I have already had experience along those lines.

I was the first in Russia to report that US intelligence operatives tap the telephones and capture the e-mails of virtually every person in the Russian Federation. The information was based on Snowden’s revelations and had not yet been reported here.

I relayed information contained in two English-language articles that the US National Security Agency aims to spy on everyone in the world, to intercept their e-mails and record their telephone and mobile phone communications. See “Portrait of the NSA: no detail too small in quest for total surveillance” (The Observer 2.11.2013), and «No Morsel Too Miniscule for All-Consuming N.S.A.” (The New York Times 2.11.2013).

The next day after I published this material, LiveJournal («Живой Журнал») declared that my blog was “spam” and permanently blocked it (arnoldlockshin.livejournal.com).

«LiveJournal is subject to American laws, as its servers are located in the United States and the system belongs to the American company LiveJournal, Inc.” «Живой Журнал» подчиняется американским законам, так как его серверы находятся в США и система принадлежит американской компании LiveJournal, Inc.» (Википедия, «Живой Журнал»).

All of which goes to show once again that the US secret political police and their “Russian” accomplices are constantly working on many fronts!

Is it possible that I will be blocked fully on the Internet?

Why not?

Such are the wonders of “democracy”!

To be continued.

Arnold Lockshin, political exile from the US living in Moscow

History of Arnold Lockshin in Russia – Part 3


Fired – And Not Only in the United States

On the orders of the CIA, acting through their puppets in the “Russian” secret political police – the FSB, I was fired from my work as head of a laboratory at the N.N. Blokhin Oncological Scientific Research Center (“Онкологический научный центр им. Н.Н. Блохина”).

With no intelligible reason. Simply “reorganization.”

Under Russian law, my firing was illegal !

From the Court decision: “The Nagatinsky Intermunicipal District Peoples’ Court of Moscow («Нагатинский межмуниципальный районный народный суд ЮАО г. Москвы has adjudicated the complaint of Arnold Lockshin, submitted on June 3, 1998, against the N.N. Blokhin Oncological Scientific Research Center contesting his firing and requesting restitution of his salary for the period he was forced out of work.

«The Court has ruled that Arnold Lockshin should be restored to his post as head of the Laboratory for investigating the biochemical mechanisms of action of anti-cancer drugs. The effective (retroactive) date is January 18, 1998.

“The decision is to be effected immediately.”

“Из «Исполнительного листа по гражданскому делу Именем Российской Федерации»:

«Нагатинский межмуниципальный районный народный суд ЮАО г. Москвы 03/06/1998 рассмотрел гражданское дело по иску (требованию) Локшина Арнольда к Онкологическому научному центру им. Н.Н. Блохина о восстановлении на работе и взыскании заработной платы за время вынужденного прогула.

Суд решил восстановить Локшина Арнольда в должности заведующего лаборатории биохимических механизмов действия противоопухолевых препаратов с 18.01.1998 г….

Решение суда подлежит немедленному исполнению».

In Russia, based on earlier Soviet practices, it was extremely rare – almost unheard of – to fire the head of a laboratory from a governmental institution. I would have had to committed some cardinal sin or at least repeatedly shown up at work dead drunk. Nothing of the sort. Nothing of the sort was even alleged.

No less “strange” was the fact that I had all of one year left before reaching the age when I qualified for a pension! The Cancer Center just could not “wait” to get rid of me. And even resorted to illegal methods.

What was not in the least “strange” in my case was CIA-FBI attacks against me, engineered in this case by their obedient puppets in the “Russian” secret political police – the FSB.

No One in All of Moscow Has Use For a Native English Speaker

The English language is widely used and taught in Moscow. Native English speakers who know Russian are considered especially valuable. But for nearly 14 years, I have been unable to find any work – in any capacity – although I have a Ph.D. (doctorate) degree, have an intimate knowledge of the English language and am fluent in Russian.

Not as a language teacher, not as a translator, not as an editor of material written in English, not in any other capacity. Nowhere.

Everything was blocked.

Given my age, I am no longer looking for that kind of work. But there were times when I very much wanted to use my language knowledge to obtain greater financial security.

The CIA-subservient FSB kept that door shut tight.

I could add many, many other instances of ugly interference by the CIA – FSB. But that would be largely repetitive…

To be continued.

Arnold Lockshin, political exile from the US living in Moscow

History of Arnold Lockshin in Russia – Part 2


In the Fall of 2012 I made an attempt to prove that Arnold Lockshin is alive in Moscow and that he maintains his decidedly anti-US imperialist views. I spent considerable time writing an article in Russian entitled «America the Beautiful! Америка — прекрасная! — и ее поклонники,».which by and large exposed the subversive activities of the unabashedly pro-US, pseudo-democratic forces in Russia and also included material about my personal fate.

«The false image of a wonderful America is only part of the picture The United States government aims to find and finance people who forcefully call for the downfall of the government (Russian). For the Americanized Russian proponents of “freedom” and “human rights,” the cruelty and criminality of America’s rulers is met with studied silence. Apparently, those who receive financial support from abroad act in accordance with the American proverb ‘Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.’

“The West touts this highly publicized “Russian” opposition as brave heroes, and anti-government actions receive highly positive, if not enthusiastic reporting. Something proclaimed to be a “March of millions” may turn out to be a march of a few thousand, but the discrepancy does not perturb the western mass media. The provocative stunt of Pussy Riot is portrayed as great art performed by genuine martyrs, although it is hardly believable that participants in that kind of slimy action in the US would escape punishment.”

Написал: «Созданный имидж прекрасной Америки — только часть дела. США стремятся найти и финансировать лиц, которые решительно выступают за «крах режима» (российского). У доморощенных «борцов» по-американски за свободу и прав человека» жестокость и преступления властителей США вызывают громкое молчание. По-видимому те, которые получают поддержку извне, функционируют по принципу американской пословицы “не укуси руку, которая тебя кормит» (“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you»).

Запад относится к разрекламированным руководителям оппозиции как храбрым героям и антиправительственные акции заслуживают большой положительный, нередко восторженный, репортаж. «Марш миллионов» может оказаться маршем несколько тысяч, но разница западные СМИ не смущает. Провокационная штука “Рussy riot” изображается как великое творчество настоящих мучениц, хотя очень трудно поверить, что участники подобного гнусного мероприятия в самых США остались бы безнаказанными».

I have known for years that the “Russian” secret political police, the FSB (the Federal Security Service – Федеральная служба безопасности) is subservient to and takes orders from the US CIA. Accordingly, the CIA-FSB regularly taps my telephone, intercepts my E-mails, surveys my regular mail and upon occasion “visits” my apartment when I am not home (don’t worry, they have all the keys). In the United States, the FBI was regularly engaged in similar nasty practices against me. Like the CIA-KGB in Soviet times.

Therefore, I tried to circumvent the FSB’s bought-and-paid-for CIA-engineered “vigilance” and I traveled to the editorial offices of two publications. Unannounced. No preliminary telephone calls or other forms of communication. The aim: to publish my article «America the Beautiful! Америка — прекрасная! — и ее поклонники». My first attempt was at the internet-newspaper “Столетие» (Century).

The editors liked the article, were going to publish it.

But a problem arose. What I had submitted to the editors was a hard, printed copy. In order to edit and stylize the article, they needed an electronic version, which was obtained “simply” by sending the article to them by E-mail. How could I refuse? How could I explain that my using E-mail would kill my efforts?

I had no choice but to send the article by E-mail and hope for a miracle.

The CIA – FSB do not abide miracles. Soon after I transmitted my article by E-mail, acceptance turned into rejection. No reasonable explanation. I did not need one. The CIA-captive FSB was doing its reactionary, pro-US imperialist .thing.

Still hoping, I then went to the popular newspaper “Komsomolskaya pravda” («Комсомольская правда») Once I had argued myself in the editorial offices, I received a very warm reception. The editors remembered me, read the article and promised to publish it as soon as possible. On the internet version and well as in the newspaper itself. They also invited me to appear on television. But, again, they did not work with hard copy; they needed an electronic version of the article. “Just send the article by E-mail and we will take care of it from there.”

What could be simpler? But nothing is simple for me. I could not come up with a way to avoid sending the article by E-mail.

And after coming home, I sent the article. Within a couple of minutes, I received an E-mail response: “Thanks, Arnold. Received your article, and I’m working on it. Tomorrow I will send you the text for your perusal, Andrei.” «Спасибо, Арнольд. Статью получил, обрабатываю. Завтра вышлю Вам текст для ознакомления. Андрей».

I heard nothing more from Komsomolskaya Pravda. My article was dead in the water.

No explanation of the “change of heart.”

No apologies.

Exactly as I had anticipated..

To be continued.

Arnold Lockshin, political exile from the US living in Moscow

History of Arnold Lockshin in Russia – Part 1A

What happened to Arnold Lockshin after the collapse of the Soviet Union?

Given that the dirty CIA – KGB psychological warfare plot to use me as pawn did not work out as planned. It was intended that the Lockshin case would provide an “example” of why it was “necessary” to love the United States of America and to demolish the USSR.

That ugly ruse failed; yet, the Soviet Union is no more. I was simply an adjunct. to the US imperialist “regime change” — Смена режима – operation.

US imperialist agents in the USSR became all-powerful. Thanks in large measure to the CIA-controlled KGB.

But Lockshin was still around — in Moscow. What to do with him?

The CIA-controlled mass media made sure that I became a more-or-less forgotten figure in Russia. Under Boris Yeltsin and for several years after, the Russian propaganda organs and public figures were full of praise for their dear “American partners.” The reactionary powers-that-be aimed to stifle criticism from an American dissident. Under wonderful capitalist “democracy,” I had no opportunity to voice my opinions, no place to warn about the realities of US imperialism.

What to do with that kind of critic? Isolate him.

And slander him. For instance, this kind of crude distortion and lie was published:

“In 1986 Arnold Lockshin arrived here, having betrayed his country, which he claimed persecuted him and his family for his progressive communist convictions. Later Dr. L. participated in the renowned television program “US -USSR Space Bridge,” hosted by Vladimir Pozner and Phil Donohue. There Lockshin spoke deliriously about the superior Soviet way of life.. In Moscow, Lockshin was given an apartment, a country house and the status of professor as well as a prestigious job. Recently Pozner tried to find Dr. L in Moscow, but discovered that he was no longer in the city. People who knew Arnold Lockshin personally also had no inkling of what happened to him or where he disappeared to. Rumor has it that the Lockshin children have returned to the United States and that Arnold Lockshin himself had last been seen in countries where communism is still alive – in Cuba, and prior to that, in North Korea.”

«В 1986 году к нам переметнулся вместе с семьей доктор Арнольд Локшин, которого преследовали в Америке за его прогрессивные коммунистические убеждения. Позже доктор участвовал в знаменитом телемосте СССР — США, который вели Владимир Познер и Фил Донахью: там Локшин с пеной у рта доказывал преимущества советского образа жизни. В Москве он получил квартиру, дачу и звание профессора, а также престижную работу. Не так давно Познер попытался найти доктора в Москве, но обнаружил, что там его уже нет. Люди, которые знали Арнольда Локшина лично, тоже не в курсе, куда он исчез. По слухам, его дети вернулись в США, а самого Арнольда в последний раз видели в странах, где коммунизм еще жив, — на Кубе, а до этого — в Северной Корее».

From the article “The Forgotten Shadows of the Cold War or the Fate of Turncoats.” («Забытые тени «холодной войны», или Судьбы перебежчиков» — Аргументы и факты, выпуск 35 (1140) от 28 августа 2002 г.) These crass lies can still be down-loaded from the Internet

It has now been over 12 years and I am unable in the mass media to answer these slanders and lies. Every attempt is nipped in the bud by the KGB’s successor, the CIA-controlled Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) — Федеральная служба безопасности Российской Федерации (ФСБ).

To add insult to injury, a considerable number of blogs appeared in the internet repeating the crass Pozner assertions. Including one interview with Vladimir Pozner himself, where he repeated the lie that I had left Moscow and boldly claimed that my charges of FBI persecution in the United States were “evidence” of my “paranoia.”

Nice work from a KGB collaborator (“Vladimir Pozner,” Wikipedia).

To be continued.

Arnold Lockshin, political exile from the US living in Moscow

History of Arnold Lockshin in Russia – Part 1

«1. The Committee for Security of the Soviet Union (KGB) and its local affiliates are political organizations which conduct operations ordered by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Government of the Soviet Union. These operations are aimed at defending the USSR from the criminal activities of external and internal enemies and in protecting the borders of the Soviet Union. The KGB is called upon to vigilantly conduct surveillance of the hidden intrigues of external and internal enemies, to expose their villainous aims and to interdict the criminal activities of hostile intelligence agencies against the Soviet government.

«1. Комитет государственной безопасности при Совете Министров СССР и его органы на местах являются политическими органами, осуществляющими мероприятия Центрального Комитета партии и Правительства по защите Социалистического государства от посягательств со стороны внешних и внутренних врагов, а также по охране государственной границы СССР. Они призваны бдительно следить за тайными происками врагов советской страны, разоблачать их замыслы, пресекать преступную деятельность империалистических разведок против Советского государства». — Выписка из Прокола № 200 Заседания Президиума ЦК КРСС с утверждением Проекта положения о КГБ при СМ СССР (Википедия)

It is perfectly evident that the KGB did NOT “defend the USSR from the criminal activities of external and internal enemies” and did NOT “vigilantly conduct surveillance of the hidden intrigues of external and internal enemies, to expose their villainous aims and to interdict the criminal activities of hostile intelligence agencies against the Soviet government.”

There no longer is a USSR or a Soviet government. Thanks in large measure to the prolonged subversion of the KGB, which acted on orders of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). For decades, the KGB and the mass media claimed that this secret political police organization was the most fervent defender of the Soviet Union. In fact, the KGB promoted enemies of socialism, US imperialist agents to leading Party and governmental posts and suppressed the advancement of honest people.

It is not necessary to conclude that all those connected with the KGB were sworn enemies of the USSR. Some KGB agents simply “followed orders;” others were not involved in political matters.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union the KGB continued its activities – without even a pause for reflection – under various names (http://www.fsb.ru/). Now the KGB is called the “Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation” (FSB) — Федеральная служба безопасности Российской Федерации (ФСБ). The leadership of the FSB are products of the KGB (Федеральная служба безопасности Российской Федерации — Википедия).

Serious criticism of the abject “failure” of the KGB to defend the USSR can hardly be found. A forbidden topic. Bad enough in itself.

But worse still, is that the FSB is in essence no different than the KGB. To put it bluntly, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) remains in charge — today — of the Russian secret political police. As it did in Soviet times.

Needless to say, US imperialist control of Russian intelligence services poses an existential threat to the continued existence of the Russian Federation as a sovereign and unified country.

To be continued.

Arnold Lockshin, political exile from the US living in Moscow