History of Arnold Lockshin in the Soviet Union – Part 6

My return to the United States would have meant certain death.

An exaggeration? I beg the reader to reject that glorified image of the USA shown daily on Russian television. Please forget the loudly trumpeted lies about the magnificent American “democracy.” Forget about concern for “human rights” in the US.

The American rulers do not tolerate someone like Arnold Lockshin. Why should they? The United States of America is, after all, the “exceptional” country!

William C. Sullivan, former Assistant Director of the FBI and head of the FBI’s Domestic Intelligence Division, laid it on the line:

“No holds were barred… (The same methods used against Dr. Martin Luther King) were brought home against any organization against which we were targeted. We did not differentiate. This is rough, tough business.

“This is a common practice, rough, tough, dirty business… To repeat, it is a rough, tough, dirty business, and dangerous. It was dangerous at times – that is, dangerous to the persons who are being affected, not to the Bureau persons… It was dangerous at times, no holds were barred.

“Never once did I hear anybody, including myself, raise the question, is this course of action which we have agreed upon lawful… it is ethical or moral?.. The one thing we were concerned about (was) will this course of action work, will it get us what we want…? I think this suggests really in government we are amoral “ (Harris Woford, “Of Kennedys and Kings”, 1980; Mark Lane and Dick Gregory, “Code Name ‘ZORRO’, The Murder of Martin Luther King”, 1977).

After this testimony before a US Senate committee, William C. Sullivan was murdered. An “accident.”

The admirers of US imperialism can take “take heart” in another “banal” fact.

Bolstered by massively propagandized, provocative lies about non-existent “weapons of mass destruction,” the US and subservient “allies” invaded Iraq and murdered more than a million people in that country!

It goes without saying that no one in the US was punished for this monstrous crime. Not the serial mass murderer ex-US President George Bush or anyone else. No prosecution, no trial, nothing. Not in the past, not now, not later. Nothing.

The felons of US imperialism can kill as many people as they like, and its all OK. God Bless America!

Would these modern-day American Nazis spare someone like Arnold Lockshin? Who in the “Evil Empire” (the Soviet Union) criticized the sacred CIA, the sacred FBI of the sacred United States of America?

Not a chance!

Would the “Soviet” accomplices of US imperialism have defended someone like Arnold Lockshin?

Not a chance!

Arnold Lockshin’s murder would have been the culmination of a successful psychological warfare plot.

To be continued.

Arnold Lockshin, political exile from the US living in Moscow

History of Arnold Lockshin in the Soviet Union – Part 5

It is obvious that the the newly-arrived Lockshins, could not play any direct role in the irrevocable pending collapse of the Soviet Union.

But they could be extremely useful. How?

By “demonstrating” — using Arnold Lockshin as a living object – the “superiority” of capitalist, especially American capitalist, society. How?

Shortly after our heralded arrival in Moscow, a hidden, carefully organized and many-sided provocative plan was put in place to force the Lockshins to reject political asylum in the Soviet Union and return to the United States.

Had the Lockshins in fact chosen to return to the States, one can imagine the storm that would have been raised by the “Soviet” pro-American mass media and by “Soviet” pro-American political figures. The people of the USSR did not know – and could not have known – about the pernicious campaign of contrived “problems.” hard-hearted indignities, crude lies and ugly deceptions thrown our way – against me in the first place.

The anticipated propaganda plan was as follows: “Look, the Lockshins forcefully stated, that they had had a terrible time in the US and that they were forced to seek political asylum. The “perestroika” “Soviet” government and Party did “all they could” to provide the Lockshins with the best possible Soviet way of life. The Government granted them political asylum, provided them with a spacious apartment, gave them work, schooling for the children and positive publicity. And in spite of all this, the Lockshins decided to return to the States.”

What could all this mean? That the worst in America was far better than the best in the Soviet Union.

Cleverly concocted “propaganda of the deed.”

In the interests of United States imperialism.

It would have been powerful propaganda in the interests of United States imperialism.

But the Lockshins did not leave the Soviet Union, did not go back to the US.

This insidious plan was a brainchild of the US secret political police and effectuated by their willing “Soviet” stooges. But it did not work out. For several reasons.

(1) In the US, the secret political police had free rein. In the Soviet Union, it was not quite that simple. Because of the build-up given the Lockshins and the sympathies of the Soviet people, it was necessary to conduct the underhanded campaign against me so that people did not know about it. If the attacks had been obvious for the world to see, the campaign would have been far less effective . Although the ordeal was severe, at times cruel, I did not experience in Moscow the reign of terror that was forced upon me in Texas in 1986.

(2) If I had succumbed to the contrived pressures and problems and returned to “the Land of the (un) Free,” that would have meant that I had rejected my life-long anti-imperialist, pro-socialist convictions. I was not made that way.

(3) I rather quickly understood that the “Soviet” planners and actors operating against me were not at all defenders of the USSR but instead were underhanded and vicious enemies of socialism and the Soviet Union. Notwithstanding the fact that most of them were formally members of the Communist Party!

I believe that the major factor that caused this evil plot to fail was my firm anti-imperialist and pro-socialist convictions. Plus my many years of experience in counteracting the disruptive schemes of imperialist psychological warfare. There were crucial similarities to the operations of the psychological warriors in the United States and in the USSR. With the knowledge I had gained, mainly in the US, it was far easier for me to grasp what was transpiring.

At the same time, the Soviet people – unknowingly – played a positive role. The history, and to a pronounced degree, the culture in this country differ from the United States. The CIA and its stooges felt compelled to keep the harassment campaign against me hidden from the masses of people.

Even though I was able to overcome the sharpest edges of the dirty plot against me, it would be incorrect to say that my current situation has normalized. Among other issues, there is a determined effort to prevent my message from becoming public.

There was an additional weighty reason for me not to return to the US of A.

It would have meant my certain death.

To be continued.

Arnold Lockshin, political exile from the US living in Moscow

History of Arnold Lockshin in the Soviet Union – Part 4

Is it unreasonable to postulate that the “Communist Party” and many other “left” and “progressive” organizations and movements in the US have been captured – or far more often, created – by the enemy?

Just contemplate what happened in the Soviet Union. That is to say, in a country with a much more powerful history of left, workers’ and communist movements.

In the USSR, imperialist accomplices–agents, ostensibly led by a nobody named Gorbachev, took over the leadership of the Communist Party. These agents were supported by an army of similarly-minded enemies of socialism, lackeys of “America the Beautiful!”

Something similar could not take place in the citadel of imperialism, the United States of America? Who says?

It is not difficult to conclude that my recognition of the phony “democracy” of the US ruling class reinforced the diktat of the FBI to get rid of me. But that was only secondary. For one thing, Arnold Lockshin had no political influence whatsoever in the “Land of the free, the home of the brave.”

No influence and no political connections.

At the time of the peak harassment and terror campaign, I headed up a cancer research laboratory in the southern US state of Texas – where even phony “peoples’ movements” are almost non-existent. Texas was a part of Mexico that was stolen by the US in the 19th century, when slave-owners organized and funded an “uprising” in order to expand the hateful and brutal system of human chattel slavery. These reactionary origins of the state more-or-less define its subsequent history.

In October 1986 when we arrived in Moscow, I had no conception of the impending collapse of the Soviet Union. However, my experience derived in the US was of considerable importance in understanding what was really happening in the USSR and facilitated my personal preparation for the by-then inevitable collapse of the country. I was already familiar with many of the deceptive and disruptive devices used by the traitorous enemies of socialism.

1986 – the most intensive year of harassment and terror against us occurred at the same time as CIA-gorbachevian “perestroika” in the Soviet Union was in full flower. Gorbachev’s reign – as should be perfectly clear to everyone now – was the road to the dissolution of the USSR on behalf of imperialism – US imperialism, in the first place.

The terror campaign against the Lockshins in 1986 was not timed to events in the US of A. The chosen period coincided with the anticipated crash of the Soviet Union. Arnold Lockshin himself was simply a pawn in an extraordinarily dirty big “game;” the real target was the Soviet people.

In finalizing counter-revolution in the USSR, it was important for the imperialists and for their accomplices in the USSR to convince many, if not most, Soviet people to reject socialism and to accede to the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Pro-western, hardened pro-capitalist elements in the country – notwithstanding their control of the reins of government, the Communist Party, the mass media and many other institutions — were in a decided minority.

The fathers of “perestroika” and their western overlords knew perfectly well that “shock therapy” and the road to capitalism would be extremely harsh for the vast majority of the population.

Amongst themselves, western ruling circles were well aware that the lot of the Soviet people would be terrible. In fact, they openly welcomed that brutal development. While at the same time, the truth was hidden from the Soviet people.

The transition to a “market economy” would be “cruel,” even “extremely cruel” (Financial Times, October10,1990). Radical and harsh economic measures in the USSR would lead to huge unemployment and massive inflation (International Herald Tribune, March 20.1990).

And the destruction of the Soviet Union took its brutal toll. Mortality sharply increased, and millions of people died prematurely. “In effect, mass privatisation was mass murder” (The Economist, January 22, 2009). “Millions of people, mostly men of employment age, died as a result of the effects of .the ‘shock therapy” transition…” (“Mass privatisation and the post-communist mortality crisis: a cross-national analysis,” The Lancet, January 31,.2009).

Welcome to capitalism.

To be continued.

Arnold Lockshin, political exile from the US living in Moscow

History of Arnold Lockshin in the Soviet Union – Part 3

My experiences in the so-called “Communist Party USA” were by no means pleasant or easy. In southern California, no less than in Ohio or in the country as a whole, the “Party” refused to organize genuine mass movements against the ruinous politics of the US ruling class. And without solid and sustained mass movements, there is no hope of attaining progressive change, much less socialism,
In the most powerful imperialist country in history.

At first I thought that the inactivity of the “Communist Party USA” was a product of the intimidation and repression engendered by the long period of anti-communist hysteria in the country. However, all attempts to engage the “Party” in organizing genuine movements were futile. In practice, the leadership as well as the membership refused to counteract the ultra-reactionary politics of America’s elite. Instead of concrete activity, the leaders of the “Party” loudly proclaimed that the United States was on the verge of becoming socialist. Stupidity! Reminds one of the idiotic remark of Nikita Khrushchev that “communism” was fast approaching in the Soviet Union.

As it turned out, the so-called “Communist Party USA” was simply an FBI collection of hired actors-agents. I tried very hard to find genuine opponents of imperialism in the “Party.” Could not find any. In the ” leadership there certainly was not a single real communist. All were fakes.

The hard facts were – and are – these: the so-called “Communist Party USA” was – and is – one of many deceitful and pernicious instruments of the US secret political police – the FBI. This “Party” was an example of the deceptive and deeply injurious, anti-democratic practices aimed at crushing progressive movements in the US. Protest in America almost always is weak, ineffective and relatively short-lived.

The way the imperialist world turns: treachery within a communist party not only in the former Soviet Union.

When I wrote “Silent Terror – One Family’s History of Political Persecution in the United States,” it was inappropriate to tell the whole truth about the “Communist Party USA.” What I wrote was:

“(In 1977) Harassment (against me) took a sharp turn for the worse , and (we) decided that it would be best for me to (leave the CPUSA and) concentrate on science. This signified no change in political conviction, but was based on the realities we faced.” (p. 20)

And in the book I wrote the following:

“For its disruptive plans to work, the FBI must enroll certain people in the operation and make others get out of the way. An accomplice’s role in the psychological warfare campaign may be small or large, with training included. There are many FBI accomplices, of course, who act out their roles on the political front full-time, are well trained and may be highly expert and persuasive” (p. 71).

“In order to misdirect, confuse and subvert genuine progressive efforts, the FBI has invaded and overwhelmed legitimate organizations.

“More importantly, the U.S. Intelligence apparatus sets up fake protest and ‘revolutionary’ organizations, replete with money, leaflets, placards and newspapers. An honest person joining such a group faces a treacherous road…

“If a bevy of FBI-controlled ‘leaders’ and organizations were in place, it is not hard to imagine how damaging this would be for the sustained development of genuine mass movements in the U.S. Broadly developed progressive thinking, which is closely linked to these struggles, would also suffer greatly. This situation combined with the artful and characteristically silent destruction of honest activists would spell grave difficulties for a basic challenge to the policies of America’s ruling class” (p. 79-80).

All of which leads to mass deception of people in the US and around the world by presenting a totally false picture of American “democracy.”

And which traps honest activists.

I do not regret the years I spent in the phony “Communist Party USA.” Although the times were tough, the lessons learned were very useful. The real picture of “American democracy” became much clearer.

Along with a bagful of false “progressive” and “revolutionary” movements, trade unions in the US are also under the control of the FBI. According to Wikipedia (“Labor Unions in the United States”), only 11.4% of workers in the US are even members of a trade union. The actual number may even be smaller, as economic statistics in the US often are faked.

The trade union “leadership” — at least in the top national positions – is composed of payed FBI collaborators. In spite of harsh working and living conditions for many millions of workers in the US – especially given the current crisis — strikes are relatively rare and in the past few years, rarely take place on a national scale. The apparent low-scale activity of workers in America leads many to think – especially with the “assistance” of the pro-US mass propaganda organs – that almost all workers in the US are well off. “Workers in the US rarely go on strike, so everything must be o.k.” — that kind of conclusion is erroneous.

During the tsarist regime in Russia, political-police controlled trade unions also made their appearance. There was the “Zubatov unions” («Зубатовщину»), which were “a system of legal government-run workers’ organizations under the control of the police” («систему легальных рабочих организаций… основной идеей которого являлось создание подконтрольных правительству организаций… поставить их под контроль полиции» — Википедия, Зубатовщина).

To be continued.

Arnold Lockshin, political exile from the US living in Moscow

History of Arnold Lockshin in the Soviet Union – Part 2

Why in 1986 did the treasonous Gorbachev gang grant political asylum to Arnold Lockshin and his family? Given that Lockshin was a vocal critic of the United States’ ruling elite. And at the same time, Gorbachev and his large circle of similarly-minded traitors were willing instruments in the US-led conspiracy to dismantle the Soviet Union.


Only at first appearances.

When possible and appropriate, the masters of imperialist subversion employ the tactic of “propaganda of the deed,” which essentially means concocting provocations and amplifying their effect through massive propaganda. If such a scheme hits the mark, an attempt to combine contrived actions with massive dissemination of lies can be many times more effective than the “ordinary” propaganda that one confronts daily in the press, the radio and TV.

«Psychological warfare becomes vastly more effective… when alloyed with some of the other direct approaches to overt action. Such a mixture, reinforced by a dramatic presentation of some issue to insure the capture of the average man’s attention, is usually found in the increasingly popular… practice of staging some event meticulously calculated to force the individual to follow a course of action through its suggestive impact…” (Propaganda Comes of Age, Michael Choukas, Washington D.C. 1965, p.206)

In short, when there is a living person or a concrete event around which the psychological warriors can concoct a masterful provocation, the effect may be powerful, not infrequently very powerful.

As US CIA – Gorbachevian “perestroika” (re-building) was gathering steam, it became very important to “demonstrate” that capitalism was far superior to “damned” socialism. It was necessary to somehow convince the Soviet people – or at least substantial sections of them – that it was “essential” to break up the Soviet Union, even though this final stage of counter-revolution would lead to a sharp deterioration in the peoples’ standard of living. Forward to the “free market” and near-utopia!

Here was an important part of the plan: First, Present before the Soviet people a genuine American who unhesitatingly exposed the anti-human policies of America’s ruling class and who related the FBI campaign of terror against him and his family in the US. Grant political asylum to this family and let the father publicly denounce US imperialism. Moreover, demonstrate that this family was provided with a spacious apartment (usually the waiting period for apartments was several years) and that the father of the family was given work in his profession as a scientist. Everything seemed to be just perfect.

Then conduct an unheralded, hidden and dirty campaign against the American newcomers with the aim of dashing their hopes and forcing the family to return back to the States. Preferably with declamations against the Soviet Union.

Soon after our arrival in Moscow, we became the targets of exactly that kind of hidden, meticulously organized and many-sided campaign aimed at the compelling the Lockshins to reject political asylum in the USSR and go back to the USA.

In the United States Arnold Lockshin had been a perfect object for the “intelligence agencies” (the FBI and others) to become the pawn in a classic “propaganda of the deed” scheme.

A short political biography is in order. For more details see Silent Terror: One family’s history of political persecution in the United States, available at https://arnoldlockshin.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/silent-terror.pdf

As early as my teenage years, I became and activist and supporter of socialism, applauding the achievements of the Soviet Union. As a student at the University of California, Berkeley and then as a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison I was active in progressive movements. In December 1960 I visited Revolutionary Cuba, just before an American embargo was set in place. I was the author of one of the first articles opposing US aggression in Vietnam («U.S. War in Vietnam”, Sanity №3, 1962).

After receiving my doctorate degree (Ph.D. In Biochemistry) in 1965, I began a full-time organizer in the civil liberties movement, opposing the anti-communist hysteria that still hung over from the (Senator Joe) McCarthy period. Then I organized full-time against the US war in Vietnam. When it became necessary in 1968 for me to return to science, I became a post-doctoral fellow and Lecturer in the Biology Department of Harvard University.

Then again into politics. In 1969 I became the Secretary and main organizer for the state of Ohio of the Communist Party in the US and became a member of the Central Committee of the US CP.

In 1970 during a student protest against the widening of the Vietnam War to Cambodia, the Ohio National Guard opened fire on the protestors, killing four students and wounding several others. On the strength of the mainly student protest that unfolded as a result of this episode, I organized one of the most massive workers’ movements against that war (Cleveland Press, 13.05.1970). With virtually no help from my “comrades” in the CP.

After that, I became the Secretary and main organizer for the Communist Party in southern California.

To be continued.

Arnold Lockshin, political exile from the US living in Moscow

History of Arnold Lockshin in the Soviet Union – Part 1

«The Chairman of the KGB (“Soviet” secret political police) Vladimir Alexandrovich Kryuchkov said that (Mikhail) Gorbachev has always been a traitor to his Party and country.” «Председатель КГБ СССР Владимир Александрович Крючков» добавил, что: «Горбачев всегда был предателем партии и страны» (Десять лет, которые потрясли… М.: «Вагриус». С. 36-38 — цитата из статьи Владислава Шведа «СССР: всё могло быть иначе», Столетие 28.12.2013).

Question: Who elevated Gorbachev and thousands of other enemies of the Soviet Union and socialism to leading Communist Party and Soviet governmental posts???

My personal history testifies to the fact that M.S. Gorbachev – and not only that former leader of the USSR – deliberately and energetically sold out the Soviet Union to imperialism. To American imperialism in the first place.

I am that American who, along with my family, obtained political in the Soviet Union in 1986. I did not leave the United States because of enmity towards the American people or towards the United States.. Feelings of that kind are far from my thinking.

What forced me to leave the country in which I was born and raised, was the vicious and threatening actions against us by the FBI – the US secret political police. I got a firsthand lesson in the blessings of US “democracy.” We wrote a book about these ugly experiences: “Silent Terror – One family’s history of political persecution in the United States. The book is available at : https://arnoldlockshin.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/silent-terror.pdf

Why did Gorbachev and company, who in 1986 were undercover but full-blown subversive agents of US imperialism, decide to grant the Lockshins political asylum in the USSR? Upon their arrival in Moscow, the hidden but insidious pro-US propaganda machine in the Soviet Union praised the Lockshins. Why?

«In the USSR the Lockshins became celebrities.”Arnold Lockshin met with Andrei A. Gromyko, Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet and a renowned diplomat.” («Российско-американские сюжеты», alliruk 28.05.2011).

Gromyko stated that “We in the USSR fully understand the Lockshins’ thoughts and feelings. They acted in accordance with their conscience, and convincingly explained their motives. The Soviet people applaud the courageous actions of Dr. Arnold Lockshin and his family.” (“В СССР вполне понимают настроение и мысли Локшиных. Они предприняли продиктованный совестью шаг, мотивы которого объяснили убедительно… Советские люди аплодируют мужественному поступку доктора Арнольд Локшина и его семьи…» — Московская правда, 11.10.1986).

What to make of all this? Here there was an American family with anti-imperialist convictions, who forcefully criticized the US ruling class. Arnold Lockshin averred that the family was forced to leave their country as a result of brutal and terrifying FBI actions. Offering these Americans political asylum was a political blow against the US government.

The Lockshin case, Gromyko said, “ was a stern lesson to those who deprived the Lockshins of their inalienable right to live freely and work among their own people.” («суровый укор тем, кто лишил их возможности реализовать свое неотъемлемое право жить свободно и трудиться вместе со своим народом»).

Here we have an evident contradiction. The Gorbachev “perestroika” cabal was hell-bent on the treasonous path of effectuating the criminal imperialist plot against the USSR and the Soviet people. A very important element of this political sabotage was propagating a highly embellished image of the United States and praising that “great democracy.” Under Gorbachev, the US was no longer dangerously imperialist, but a true friend.

On the other hand, the Soviet government and mass media warmly embraced Arnold Lockshin, an exacting critic of US policies. A notable step in the opposite direction.

What was really happening?

A democratic “gift?” Good will? Confusion at the top?

Forget it.

Arnold Lockshin, political exile from the US living in Moscow

Arnold Lockshin, the FBI and the CIA — KGB

Arnold Lockshin (Wikipedia ):

Arnold Lockshin[1] is an American scientist. After he was dismissed from a position as a cancer researcher in Houston, he and his family received political asylum and citizenship in the Soviet Union.

Lockshin was born in San Francisco.[2] He attended high school in Richmond, California, and graduated in 1956. He attended the University of California, Berkeley and earned an undergraduate degree in biochemistry.[3] He completed a doctorate in biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin.[4]
Lockshin performed cancer research at the USC School of Medicine between 1977 and 1980. From 1980 to 1986, Lockshin worked at the Stehlin Foundation, a cancer research facility associated with St. Joseph Hospital in Houston. He was terminated from that position.[2]
Leadership at the Stehlin Foundation said that he was fired because of his deteriorating work performance. Lockshin said that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was involved in his firing and that he and his family had been the targets of death threats and other forms of harassment.[3] Lockshin said that he and his wife had long supported socialism and that he had previously been a Communist Party USA organizer. Dorothy Healey described his Party role as a district organizer, calling him «a rigid dogmatist [5] He said that the government harassment was brought on by his political beliefs.[6][7]
Political asylum
The USSR leadership provided them with the requested asylum, gave Lockshin an apartment in a prestigious neighborhood of Moscow and assisted him in securing employment.[citation needed] Subsequently he and his wife Lauren gave numerous interviews and press-conferences in Moscow accusing American secret services of persecuting dissidents in the United States.[8] In 1989 they published a book, in Russian, as well as English, titled Silent Terror: One family’s history of political persecution in the United States.[9][10]
In 1992 Lockshin, his wife, and their three children received Russian citizenship by order of the then president of Russia Boris Yeltsin.[citation needed] Lockshin continued to work in the Blokhin Oncological Scientific Center in Moscow as a research biologist until the late 1990s.
Subsequently Arnold and Lauren disappeared from public view. Their current whereabouts are unknown. However, at least two of their children appear currently to live in Russia and work in the State University – Higher School of Economics.[citation needed]
On July 21, 2013 Arnold Lockshin appeared on a TV talk-show hosted by Igor Vittel on the Russian RBC channel and spoke in support of political asylum for Edward Snowden.[citation needed]
Lockshin, Arnold; Lockshin, Lauren (1988), Silent Terror: One family’s history of political persecution in the United States
Available at: https://arnoldlockshin.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/silent-terror.pdf
This is far from the whole story.

Continue reading this site to learn how the CIA – in control of the KGB (“Soviet” secret political police) – attempted to force Arnold Lockshin to return to the United States.

You read it right. In spite of all you have been told, the feared “communist” KGB for decades was run by the CIA.

The terror campaign aimed at forcing the Lockshins out of the USA was part of a dirty psychological warfare propaganda scheme aimed at facilitating the demise of the Soviet Union. The part of the ploy that failed was forcing Lockshin to go back to the US.

Had he returned, Arnold Lockshin would have met certain death in the States. Although this overall ploy against an American dissident did not turn out as planned, “regime change” of the USSR, as everyone knows, became a fact.

To be continued.